Assistants command-line utility

Since Assistants also work in Node, varied Assistant workflows are possible in non-Mac environments. We created the Sketch Assistants CLI to help you get started running Assistants outside of Sketch.

If your Sketch documents are ingested into a production pipeline, participate in automation or are otherwise integrated into a product it may be beneficial to perform automated tests on them beforehand in a manner analogous to source code linting.

Produce the same results as Sketch

This is the simplest usage scenario for the CLI, and it works by reading the Assistant dependencies added to a document by Sketch and installing them with npm.

sketch-assistants "./*.sketch"

Run custom Assistants

Alternatively you can run a custom set of Assistants against a document or configure a new Assistant using the --workspace and --assistant flags respectively.

💡 For in-depth installation and usage instructions head to GitHub.