Plugin Locations

When Sketch starts up, it scans a folder on your disk looking for Plugins.

~/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Plugins

(~ here is shorthand for your home folder, e.g. /Users/joe)

You can access this Plugins folder easily by holding Alt while opening the Plugins menu and then choosing ‘Reveal Plugins Folder’.

Installing Plugins

If you double-click a .sketchplugin file, Sketch will copy it into the Plugins folder for you. Any commands that it implements should immediately show up in the Plugins menu.

Alternatively, you can install plugins by simply moving them into the Plugins folder yourself.

Note: Sketch also supports using aliases and links to individual Plugins, or to the Plugins folder itself. This allows you to place them elsewhere (for example, a Dropbox folder to keep multiple installs of Sketch synced).

Removing Plugins

To remove a Plugin, just select the Plugins › Manage Plugins… menu option, select the Plugin you want to remove from the list, and either right click the plugin or click the gear icon and select Uninstall “Plugin Name”:

Any commands that the Plugin provided will be removed from the Plugins menu immediately.

Alternatively, you can just uncheck any Plugin on the list to disable it without uninstalling it.

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