Absolute beginners

Experienced developers


  • AppKit, one the main Apple frameworks that Sketch is built on.
  • Foundation, more essential Apple classes and services.


Sample Plugins

3rd Party Plugins


  • SketchTool - An OS X command-line app for exporting Pages and Slices out of .sketch documents.
  • Sketch Scripter, by Timur Carpeev. an Atom package for running Sketch scripts from the Atom editor.
  • class-dump. We do our best to document everything, but if you are of the adventurous type, you’ll probably want to play with this.
  • Sketchpacks Relay, by Sketchpacks. Publish your Sketch plugins to the Sketchpacks Plugin Registry. Automatically serve your Appcast Feeds for native plugin updates.
  • Sketch Plugin Manager - A utility to create, build and publish sketch plugins.
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