Detach styles and symbols

Turn every Symbol and style instance in a Sketch document into their own self-contained layers and layer groups using sketchtool detach.

sketchtool detach [--output=/path/to/detached.sketch] /path/to/document.sketch


  • Optional
  • Format: Path to file
  • Default: If not present, overwrite source file


Creates a self-contained Sketch document, applying and detaching:

Detached Symbol Layers include custom data in userInfo for the com.sketch.detach key, describing what Symbol the layer has previously been an instance of.

  "layers": [
    "do_objectID": "99486339-89A6-4395-BC9C-4A4A606F2D18",
    "userInfo": {
      "com.sketch.detach": {
        "symbolInstance": {
          "do_objectID": "0A01E27B-27DF-433A-BE21-76C08564AF4E",
          "frame": {
            "_class": "rect",
            "constrainProportions": false,
            "height": 100,
            "width": 300,
            "x": 0,
            "y": 0
        "symbolMaster": {
          "do_objectID": "BA413F0D-84CE-4288-9394-6CD6818E8F2C",
          "symbolID": "BD7700E0-DDFA-4352-824F-8364A5F4BA4D"

Note: Layer Groups created from a detached Symbol Instance may have a different position or dimensions. The custom data frame attribute contains the original value of the instance before it got detached.

For more information on custom data and how to access it within the raw JSON document data or via the plugin API, see also: