Export assets

Export assets using sketchtool export:

  • Any layer
  • Artboards
  • Pages
  • Document preview


By default sketchtool exports assets as 1x PNG. Layers, including artboards, that have been made Exportable will be exported using their defined export presets.

To generate assets in other formats use the command-line arguments --formats=jpg,png,svg and --scales=1,2 providing a comma-separated list of values and override the presets.

To list all available format run the following command:

sketchtool list formats


Provide the --output=/path/to/assets argument to specify a custom output folder.


Any layer can be exported with sketchtool. By default only slices and layers marked Exportable are exported.

sketchtool export layers /path/to/document.sketch

To export only specific layers provide one or more layer ids with the item or items command-line argument. Get the layer id by inspecting the document.

sketchtool export layers /path/to/document.sketch --item=3E0A01F1-482E-4A32-AD5B-EDF0B98575EA

View all export options in the usage instructions.

sketchtool help export layers


Artboards are a subset of layers and sketchtool provides a convenience command to export them. It automatically exports both artboards that have been made Exportable and such that haven’t.

Export all artboards of a document running the following command:

sketchtool export artboards /path/to/document.sketch

Following is an example exporting all artboards overriding any presets, generating JPG, PNG and SVG assets in 1x and 2x variants.

sketchtool export artboards /path/to/document.sketch --formats=jpg,png,svg --scales=1,2

Provide specific artboard layer ids in item or items limit the export to certain artboards. For a list of all available options, see the command help:

sketchtool help export artboards

Note: You can also use sketchtool metadata for artboards but sketchtool list works the same for artboards as well as any other document elements. See Inspect a document for details.


Similar to artboards, pages can also be exported directly.

sketchtool export pages /path/to/document.sketch

For all available options see the usage instructions.

sketchtool help export pages

Document preview

Export a PNG preview of the last edited page of the document. By default it is saved as preview.png and at a maximum resolution of 2048x2048 pixel. Larger documents are scaled down to fit.

sketchtool export preview /path/to/document.sketch

For all available options see the usage instructions.

sketchtool help export preview