For a deeper integration with Sketch, the internal APIs provides access to almost every aspect of the app. Use CocoaScript or Objective-C if you’re building plugins loading native frameworks.

Important: New versions of Sketch can introduce breaking changes to the internal API.

Sketch does not provide an API reference nor support for the internal API. If you’re using the internal APIs make sure to test your plugin with the pre-release versions of Sketch.

We recommend using the JavaScript API where possible. Something is missing? Please submit feedback and feature requests.

Note: Do not use Swift for native frameworks (yet) to avoid problems with Sketch’s internal Swift modules. See the official post by the Swift team on ABI Stability and More.

Sketch Headers

The Sketch-Headers project by @abynim provides regular updates listing declarations for the classes, categories and protocols used within Sketch.

Use class-dump to generate header files yourself.

To learn more about underlying macOS frameworks, see the Apple developer documentation.

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