Plugin scripts can make full use of ES6 and the Sketch APIs. The official JavaScript API is maintained by the Sketch team and allows to access and modify the Sketch document, provide data to Sketch users and offers some basic user interface integration.

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The JavaScript API covers different areas and comprises different packages.

Document Object Model sketch/dom

Access, modify and create documents – everything from colours to layers and symbols.

Settings and state preservation sketch/settings

Save custom data for a layer or document and store user settings for your plugin.

UI sketch/ui

Display notifications and get user input without building.

Data Supplier sketch/data-supplier

Provide image or text data right within Sketch. Data Suppliers integrate directly with the Sketch user interface to make content readily available throughout the design process.

Fibers in sketch/async

By default a plugin command’s JavaScript context is destroyed after successful execution. For asynchronous operations the JavaScript API provides fibers as a method to prolong the lifetime of the JavaScript context.

Import from and export layers to disk

Import a file as a layer and export objects to supported file formats.

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